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Mayor Todd Naselroad
Mayor Todd Naselroad

Welcome to Alexandria.

Alexandria is a city in transition. In its earlier days, the city was home to many events including a gas boom, the innovation of Aladdin Lamps, the Rockwool Insulation industry, Indiana’s first interurban, and the rise of gospel music. Prior to the decline of manufacturing in the U.S., the city served as a “bedroom community” where numerous workers in the auto industry made their homes and raise their families. 

It was precisely that atmosphere that influenced our nation to designate Alexandria as “Small Town U.S.A.” by the United States War Department during World War II – an honor we are proud to carry on into the future of our city. 

Over the past decade the city has experienced numerous growing pains resulting from an effort to improve our quality of life and to meet the demands of a rapidly changing society. 

Our schools are an important asset to our community. They create an atmosphere to ensure that the very best education is provided for our youth and adults alike. 

We have made changes to improve our community by demolishing several old dilapidated houses to improve neighborhoods and the aesthetics of our downtown area.  

We have recently added a second water tower to meet the safety needs for our entire fire hydrant system and to provide a constant and stable water pressure to the citizens and businesses. This will also allow us to begin annexations to extend our community. 

We have upgraded the city wastewater treatment plant, which provides services to the City of Alexandria, POET Biorefining, and the town of Orestes. These upgrades ensure us that we are ready for the future of new businesses and new homes. 

We have renovated sections of Washington Street and will have another phase of the street completed by 2016 which is part of our main corridor into our city. We have and will continue to improve our sidewalks, roads, and parks to improve the quality of life for many years to come. 

We are a designated as a “Tree City” and it will be obvious to you if you drive through our streets and parks. We have curbside recycle pickup and maintain a recycle center to help save as many of the trees as we can. 

The city is blessed to have an active Chamber of Commerce. The chamber volunteer board have partnered with the chamber director to network public and private businesses to promote “shop locally” to keep and promote our many local businesses.  

We love to celebrate the seasons by the very popular downtown Grand Prix (go-cart races), Madison County 4H Fair, fall festivals, and an outstanding Christmas, high school homecoming and 4H Parades. 

The community has a strong spiritual life with over 20 area churches that provide services for both adults and youth year round and provide various services to the community. 

Throughout the years, Alexandria has been known for its hospitality and its rich history. The years hasn’t made our city older, it has refined us to the wonderful gem that I believe we are. 

So we hope you’ll enjoy your visit and you’re always welcome to stay as long as you like.


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